If you want to send passwords or account details using email it is a good idea to encript them using PGP. We use PGP to encrypt information we send to our clents. You can decrypt the information we send you using GNU PGP. The installation instructions are shown below.

  1. Download GNU PGP from
  2. Download these batch files.
  3. Ensure the PC you are using is secure.
  4. Follow the instructions in Readme.W32 (use the folder c:\program files\gpg to store the binaries).
  5. Extract the batch files in this zip file to the folder you want to use.
  6. If the folder c:\temp does not exist on your PC, create it.
  7. Use generate key to generate your key pair.
  8. If you want to copy the keys to another PC, or need a backup copy of the keys, use export key and export secret key and copy these files somewhere safe.
  9. Send your public key file to people who want to send you encrypted files.
  10. Decrypt files you are sent by dragging them onto the decrypt batch file.

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