m2z ltd helping small businesses get the most from Information Technology

m2z ltd is dedicated to helping small businesses get the most from Information Technology. We believe computers should help your business and save it money.

Open Source Software
We help our clients drive down costs by recommending open source solutions. If you are finding that software licence costs are spiralling out of control think about migrating to packages such as open office.org or take a look at our open source software section.

Creating or Improving Your Website
If you have a website, or are looking to set one up, if you need a website that is a breeze to keep up to date, talk to us about your requirements. When we have a clear idea of what information you want to present on your website we can help you make it come to life.

Content Management
Our key area of expertise is content management for websites. A simple example is generalform. This was originally developed for people whose Internet Service Provider (ISP) didn't allow scripts on their server, so they could not collect information using forms. Many ISPs have now relaxed their attitude to scripts on their servers so generalform has now evolved into a script that allows you to control your web form using one xml file. The only changes you need to make to the php script are the database settings.

Web Designers
The bulk of our work is developing back-end systems for websites, usually working with a web design company. If you run a web design business take a look at hibuilder.com to see what we can offer you.

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