Open Source Software

You don't need to pay the earth for software. If you want to replace and at the same time lower the cost of your office software package then perhaps its time to look at our simple migration guide, taking as many steps as you feel comfortable with, at the speed you want to go.

The following is a list of a fraction of the open source software that is curently available:

Open This can be used as a direct replacement for the office package you are used to. There are versions for various operating systems.

Linux This is an open source operating system, ideally suited to server applications which can also be used on the desktop.

Irfanview This is not open source, but is free for non-comercial use. Irfanview is a graphics viewer and editor that is quick, will handle any format of file, and will allow you to do most editing functions.

The GIMP The GIMP is a fully functional graphics manipulation package. There are versions for different operating systems, although the Linux version is most robust.

moo2zoom Moo2zoom uses the mootools javascript framework to create a gallery application. It is lightweight and easy to use. All of the layout is controlled from the HTML files, so there is no need to learn javascript to use it.

hibuilder This is a content management system that provides an infrastructure to support collaboration between the parties involved in your website. It also automates the more mundane aspects of the back-end system, freeing up the designer to concentrate on designing the elements that will make your website unique.

We've tried all of these packages and think they're amongst the best around. That's why we recommend them. We advise our clients on other free or low cost replacements for their software. Contact us to discuss your requirements and our consultancy rates.

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